A Stylish Way to Stay in Touch

We love email, it is a great way to send a quick note to a friend, share a laugh, an idea or a photo of someone special.  That said, nothing is more precious than a hand-written note.  Stationery is a great way to show your style and makes an amazing gift.
You can find a lovely selection of stationery at the Shy Socialites Shop, something is sure to tickle your fancy!
Also, you can  print your own at home, with this lovely gift we have created just you, a geometric Christmas print in lively reds and greens.
Contact us by December 8, 2010, let us know if you prefer New Roman Times or Edwardian Script, which letter you would like, and we will email you 2-page PDF, great for keeping in tough this Holiday season, and our way of saying thank you for reading our blog-a-zine!
Why not comment below and let us know about a time when a hand-written note made your day!
contact email info@shysocialites.com

Holiday Social Planner – A Gift for You

'Tis the Season!  Well, the Shy Socialites think every day is the right season to celebrate, go to lunch with friends, visit family and donate our time and talents to causes we care about. Yet, this time of year there are so many wonderful things going on, it is easy to lose track of when and where!!  Print-out this tidy and fun little sheet and keep in in your planner binder*, on your bulletin-board, refrigerator or in yourglove-box, a quick glance will let you know when, where, and what! A free gift from your friends,


P.S. if you prefer a PDF, please write to us and we will be happy to send that. info@shysocialites.com

A Give-Away from the Shy Socialites

Do you love scrapbooking, card-making making and paper-crafts?  You could get a FREE paper or digital set from the Shy Socialites of their set "Ornament Sensation".

We are looking for 10 readers who would like a paper-kit mailed to them and 5 readers who woudl like a digital kit emailed to them.  In return we are asking you to answer a questionnaire evaluating this snazzy set. 

Interested?  Write to tricia-rennea@sbcglobal.net and let us know which you prefer.  We will get back to you if you are chosen.

Daisy, Bobbie, Marina, Strafe, Davenport and Les-the Shy Socialites!

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