Why YOU should follow the Shy Sociallites on Facebook

1-Because we are the Snazzy (okay that is enough right?)2-Because you will find up to the minute tips and ideas for your next shindig, soiree, or just for everyday, 3-Because you are our guest there, not a fan or liker or anything like that, our invited, adored and honor guest. 4-Because we want to talk to you and that is a great place to talk. 5-Because usually Bobbie, Daisy, Strafe or Davenport will be keeping an eye on the place (at least one of us) and we can send a text to whoever you are trying to get ahold of. 6-Because it will make Daisy squeal and hop around like a bunny who just ate a candy-cane. 7-Because Strafe and Davenport are really cute 8-Because Bobbie and Daisy are really cute. 9-Because we are asking, please :)

While we are still trying to find the best way to get information to and from all of our wonderful guest, there will be things posted both here and on the facebook page, such as the Q&A session with Chef Davenport., let us know which you prefer!

This is our Facebook Page

Questions about decorating or party planning? contact Bobbie or Daisy Bobbie@shysocialites.com Daisy@shysocialites.com

Questions about cooking and menu planning? contact Chef Davenport Davenport@shysocialites.com

Questions about party location, travel and games? contact Strafe Strafe@shysocialites.com