Watermelon Basil Cocktail

Watermelon Cubes

Fresh Basil Leaves

Tonic Water or Lemon Lime Soda

Regular quality vodka (could use cucumber flavored if you’d like)

Crush watermelon & muddle with a few basil leaves to release the basil flavor, strain. Mix 1 part watermelon juice with 1 part vodka in a shaker filled with ice. Pour into a martini or cocktail glass and add a splash of tonic water or soda. Garnish with basil & a cucumber slice if desired. *Tip-prepare watermelon juice ahead of time and refrigerate. Use as much or as little watermelon as you’d like and muddle the basil to taste. A few leaves per cup of watermelon should be sufficient.


Watermelon Salsa

As the weather gets warmer I love to tempt my palatte with lighter fresher dishes. Now is a great time to savor all those delicious fruits, veggies and fresh herbs available at your local super market! Watermelon is a favorite of mine, although its hard to figure out what to do with such a huge fruit and I don't like to waste anything. Here is a fun, off beat salsa that is light and delightful. It serves up great with some simple tortilla or pita chips and will wow your friends. No need to get to exact with your measurements, its all about what tastes good to you. Feel free to add other fruit, veggies or herbs if desired, I imagine mangos or chopped strawberries would be a nice addition to this fruity dish. Ingredients: ¼ cup lime juice 4 cups chopped watermelon ½ cup chopped red or white onion ¼ cup mint leaves chopped 2 tablespoons finely minced jalapeno or green chili 1/3 cup chopped cilantro ½ cucumber chopped Salt & pepper to taste ( I always use fresh ground pepper when possible)

Combine all ingredients, toss gently. Refrigerate a few hours or overnight before serving. Serve with tortilla chips or pita chips.

Enjoy! ~Bobbie Socialite