A Thoughtful Year of the Rabbit Gift from World Label & the Shy Socialites

Celebrate an entire year of good-fortune with these two amazing year-of the rabbit label sets from World Label and the Shy Socialites

WIN a custom set from our NEW Spring line!

We are getting ready to reveal our new Spring line, it is colorful, fresh, fun and delightful! To celebrate we want to create a custom PDF set for one of our fabulous readers from one of our new designs. After much thought we chose 3 very different sets from which you can choose.

If you choose Tridot you will get a fun and playful mix of a 3-layered dot with a matching stripe. You can choose any 2 colors you wish (to be paired with white) for this fun and funky design.

If you Choose Dahlias 2 you will get a lovely and fresh set of Spring blooms matched with coordinating stripes. You can choose any 2 colors you wish for this pretty illustration

Should you choose Dolphin Mosaic you get a whimsical dolphin silhouette paired with an artistic mosaic pattern, You may choose 1 or 2 colors for this set.

No matter which you choose we will work with your colors adjusting them lighter and darker to make a delightful play of shades and tones.

You will receive your set in a PDF file you can print at home, or your local Printer.

Each set comes with either an invitation or a flat stationery card (if you are not planning a party any time soon). You can choose all the text, we are even here to help you if you get stuck. Your card can be 5x7, 5.5 x 4.25 or a 5 inch square.

You will also receive coordinating Thank You cards

You may choose any THREE of the following -a pennant or shape banner -2 inch circles for cupcake/appetizer picks or sticker paper -1 inch circles -water bottle labels -customized word search -large coordinating circles for decor -chopstick wrappers -2 inch squares -mini pennants (great for cupcakes!) -wine glass labels -bubble bottle wrappers -standard size play card wrappers -mini candy-bar wrappers -standard candy-bar wrappers -note-paper/stationery -to/from tags -origami paper squares

In addition to all this, you get our skilled design and illustration team to help you create exactly what you are looking for!

Now, here is what you need to do to enter. Visit one of these stores- The Shy Socialites The Shy Socialittles The Candy Store or Trillustrations Choose an item you like for SPRING! Post on this blog or the Trillustrations blog letting us know which item you chose!

Want a second chance to win? Invite a friend and have your friend note that you sent her/him (you friend must also choose an item they like). Invite as many friends as you wish!

This contest will be open until February 1, 2011.

One winner will be chosen by February 3, 2011

If we get 100 entries, there will be a special printable for everyone! If we get 150 entries, we will create a clip-art set for everyone as well!

Thank you Fondly

Daisy (and the Shy Socialites)

2011 Style Calendar

This is a fabulous free gift from the Shy Socialites and Trillustrations.

Pages of tips, ideas and activities to help you develop and be comfortable with your own personal style in 2011.

The 21-page kit includes a 12 month calendar, wardrobe inventory pages, lined writing pages and more.

If you would like your copy, please write to info@shysocialites.com and request the Style Calendar

Happy 2011!

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