Cute Candy Corn Matching Game!

Hello friends, have we got a treat for you!


This free printable match game is a perfect way to keep your little goblins and ghouls entertained as they wait to trick or treat. Also a fun game to add to your Halloween party, or a nice quiet time activity. The line-up includes our favorite, Unicandycorn, as well as Pirate Corn, Candy Kitty, Mad Science Corn and many more.

Print on white medium weight-cardstock. We are also including a coordinating pattern page for you to print on the reverse side, or you can use it for Halloween crafts.

Get your cards here!

Get your coordinating pattern page here!

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Coordinating Invitations

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There is still time to order a custom illustrated design in time for Halloween as well, you can order that here.

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Patricia and Barbara, Shy Socialites

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Looking for the perfect little note for Halloween?  Maybe something more cute than scary?  These little Spiders will help you get your point across! From Lunchbox notes, to Bookplates to Party Favors a convenient little size (both the spider and the note) makes them useful all through fall.  They are a free gift to you, use them however you like and share them however you wish! 

Get your PDF file here : Itsy Bitsy Spider Notes 

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Tricia and Barbara (the Shy Socialites)