Botanical New Year Tags


Happy New Year!

Yes, it is last minute however we wanted to give our lovely readers one more gift this year. We hope you enjoy these pretty botanical new year tags. There are sketches of a peony, cherry blossoms and a water lily. They are 3 inch squares with crop-marks on the front side to make cutting more fun :).

They can be used as gift-tags, sticky notes, letter enclosures, for journaling, as planner elements and pages (try the reverse side as washi-tape!), bookmarks, thank you notes and love letters!

You can get these HERE, thank you

Thank you so much for following our blog this year! We plan to post more content in 2019 and we hope you will join us! You are always welcome here.



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May Your New School Year Go Swimmingly!

We hope you enjoy this "School of Fish"!  Created in vibrant rainbow hues to brighten your day, and your classroom, this set includes note cards, small square notes and desk nameplates, and it is our FREE gift to you.

At home you can use the nameplates to designate outfits for the days of the week, the small square notes as lunchbox love notes and note cards as thank you notes to teacher!

Get your free set here:



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