S'mores ~ Delicious variations on a classic summertime treat

Whether its the middle of summer or the dead of winter s'mores are delicious any time of year. Marshmallow roasting kits are available nowadays to make toasting up those mallows even easier. Or if your like me a want a melted gooey marshmallow without firing up the grill just pop those babies in your microwave on high for 10-15 seconds (no more than that, trust me!)

Here are some fun ways to put a spin on this campout classic that will leave you asking for s'more!

Traditional: Graham Crackers, Marshmallow, Milk Chocolate

Dark:  Graham Crackers, Marshmallow, Extra Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Basil:  Graham Crackers, Marshmallow, Extra Dark Chocolate, basil leaf (sounds odd I know but just give it a try, you might be surprised)

Hazelnut: Graham Crackers, Marshmallow, chocolate-hazelnut spread

Hazelnut Banana: Graham Crackers, Marshmallow, chocolate-hazelnut spread, banana

Chocolate Covered Bacon:  Graham Crackers, Marshmallow, Extra Dark Chocolate, crispy bacon, crystallized ginger (another unique twist, this may not be for everyone but I assure you this flavor combo is pretty spectacular)

Dark Berry: graham crackers, marshmallow, dark chocolate, raspberry jam

Chocolate Orange: graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate, marmalade

White Chocolate: graham crackers, marshmallow, white chocolate

White Chocolate Coconut: graham Crackers, marshmallow, white chocolate, shredded sweetened coconut

Peanut Butter Cup: graham crackers, marshmallow, peanut butter Cup

Peanut Butter Banana:  graham crackers, marshmallow, peanut butter cup, banana

PB & J: graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate, peanut butter (or peanut butter cup), jam

Mint Chocolate: graham crackers, marshmallow, peppermint pattie or other mint/chocolate candy

Salted Caramel: graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate, caramel sauce (or caramel filled chocolates) & a sprinkle of sea salt

Turtles: graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate, caramel, pecans

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate, strawberries

Chocolate Covered Cherries: graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate, maraschino cherries

Of course here we've just added a few ingredients to the filling above but as you can see the possibilities are endless. Instead of traditional graham crackers try; chocolate graham crackers, cinnamon graham crackers, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, ginger snap cookies, lemon cookies, brownies or bake your ingredients into biscuits or croissants.

Don't forget about all the different flavors of marshmallows you can get now, I think I've seen strawberry, mint chocolate, chocolate & toasted coconut (a person fav) among others. Have fun, try something a little new this season and create a new summertime, or anytime, favorite!