Pine Cone Snow Owls

This weekend our family decided to go on a little nature hike in the mountains and collect some pine cones to use for crafting. It was a beautiful fall day and the end result was an abundance of big beautiful pine cones that beckoned to be turned into something wonderful. I think these adorable little owls fit the bill. I didn't have a chance to stop by the craft store so we used supplies that we had on hand already. I am sure with feathers, glitter, ribbons or felt you could add your own spin to these delightful creatures. Regardless, this is a fun and easy craft that the kids and myself enjoyed making very much.


Pine Cones Cotton Balls Glue (we used good old Elmers) Brown construction paper Google Eyes


Separate cotton balls into small pieces. I found the smaller the pieces the better the look, and they were easier to work with.

Next add drops of glue into the pine cone and onto the tips of each piece, then add cotton into all the little crevices.

This will take a little bit of time to get it all stuffed with snowy cotton.

Pine Cone Owl
Pine Cone Owl

After stuffing the pine cone to your desired fluffiness, add googley eyes, beak and wings with more glue. Yes, you will use lots of glue in this project! I broke a few bottom pieces from the pine cones to use for the beaks. I used a little sharpie on one of the beaks to make it stand out a little bit more too. You could also use small triangles of felt or construction paper. I used brown construction paper in the shape of teardrops for the wings. I think feathers for this would be so cute. You could even add some color!

I think we may have to make a few more of these cuties for our Woodland Christmas Tree this year.

Happy Crafting!