Decorating with Easter Eggs

While your coloring eggs with your little ones this year, hollow out a few beforehand and decorate them for your Easter decor. Hollowed eggs last forever (they do not go bad!) and they are a sweet touch to your dinner table or fireplace mantel.  Place a few atop a bed of paper grass in a lovely basket and they make a fine addition to your centerpiece!Here's how: Using a large sewing needle poke a hole at each end of a raw egg, place the egg over a bowl and lightly blow at one end pushing the egg through the other side (save for scrambled eggs or another recipe!) rinse with water, dry and decorate!

spruce up your home for spring

Spring is here and as summer surely approaches the markets are filling up on lots of colorful produce. Grab a bag of citrus fruits for your dinning table or a bowl of colorful spring green apples. There's nothing more special than small touches of organic elements around your home to welcome you and your guests. Go a step further and pick some fragrant lilac from your garden (if your lucky enough to have one) or take advantage of the deals at your local farmers markets and grocers on fresh spring blooms. The sweet smell of fresh flowers in your home will lift your spirits. Spring has sprung so let's enjoy all mother-nature has to offer!