2015 March Calendar Page Freebie

A free printable calendar page for our valued customers, readers and friends! Frame it, pin it up on your bulletin board, stick it on your fridge, or put it in a three ring binder. However you choose to use it we hope you enjoy! Click here for your free printable 2015 March calendar page

Is Your Classroom a Hoot?

Shy Socialites  <3 Teachers!

One of our readers who happens to be a teacher requested a little something with out rainbow owls, and we hope we have surprised her here by making a little more that she thought.

This set includes small notes and desk name cards.  Oh, and there is an extra little bonus, editable notes so you can add your own text, "A note from Ms Conner" or perhaps "Happy 100th Day of School".

This is a free set, our gift to you!  You can get your set here owlteacherset ET

Here are instructions on how to edit text and save your file Editable Text Instructions


Tricia and Barbara, the Shy Socialites ;)

Butterfly Bookmarkers

Click Here for this Free Printable: Butterfly bookmarkers

Lemonade Stand Set- A Free Gift

Looking for a sweet way to celebrate the warm Summer days with the whole neighborhood?  How about a Lemonade Stand!  We created this decor set just for you.  It includes a decor page, a pattern page, an awning-style bunting and pricing signs.  It coordinates perfectly with the free label set we created for World Label (you can get that here). Also, stop by and take a look at our Lemon board on Pinterest!

Click here for your decor set: