DIY Fall Wreath for just $10 or less

Make this high impact wreath for just $10 or less.

This is a fun and super quick project that requires absolutely no skills, no gluing, and best of all uses easy to find materials and accessories that you probably already have on hand which would make this craft completely free!!! I purchased all of the supplies I needed at my local Dollar Store. The only items I already had were the pool noodle and duct tape that I used to make the form. Here is a list of supplies I used and how I made mine but keep in mind you can get as creative as you'd like accessorizing your wreath using various ribbons, foliage, candies, faux fruit, bark, branches, corn, etc etc etc. The possibilities are endless and now that I have made this one so easily I may have to make one for every occasion! Okay so here goes:


  • Pool Noodle
  • Duct Tape
  • 3 rolls Burlap Ribbon (9 yards each)
  • 1 Roll orange burlap ribbon for bunch/bow
  • Faux flowers (I used approx 6 bunches)
  • Glitter Pumpkin (optional)
  • String or Wire (or hot glue) to attach everything to your wreath

STEP 1.) Take your pool noodle and duct tape the ends together. I found this made the perfect large scale wreath for my front door. Feel free to trim the noodle if you want something a bit smaller.

Use a pool noodle & Duct Tape to make a large wreath form

STEP 2.) Wrap the burlap ribbon around the noodle. Secure the end with a pin, tape, glue, or whatever you have handy. I used a straight pin from my sewing kit and that worked quite well. Floral pins or a safety pin would be great for this if you have them or just a dab of glue if your worried about poking yourself.

STEP 3.) Attach your floral elements and accesories using string/raffia/wire. You can use hot glue if you want but I liked using string as to not burn myself ( I am very accident prone) and it felt a lot more secure to me. I even was able to attach the glitter pumpkin at the end using string through a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin. If it did not have a hole I guess I would have had to pull out the hot glue gun to attach it. I chose to only add flowers to about 2/3rds of the round alternating the direction the foliage was placed towards the end. I then used a bow made of orange burlap to cover the gap and hide my strings. 

STEP 4.) Use ribbon or burlap at the top of wreath to attach to your door! Voila. I think this whole thing took me about 15 minutes or less to make (shopping not included)

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it inspired you to create something beautiful. If you make one as well or have suggestions or comments let us know we love to hear from you! It may be a bit early still but....Happy Fall :)

Decorating for Fall/Halloween

Getting into the season and sprucing up the house for fall. A quick trip to the grocery store for some pumpkins and a few bat shapes cut out of black cardstock add a nice touch to the entry way I think. Who says decorating has to be expensive or hard?

Wall Decals for spring

So I've been noticing wall decals more and more lately and I think they may just be one of my favorite new decorating must haves. They are inexpensive, easily changeable and they add a big punch of "wow, thats cool" anywhere you put em. So, if your looking to spruce up your home for spring or summer check them out!!!

Decorating with Easter Eggs

While your coloring eggs with your little ones this year, hollow out a few beforehand and decorate them for your Easter decor. Hollowed eggs last forever (they do not go bad!) and they are a sweet touch to your dinner table or fireplace mantel.  Place a few atop a bed of paper grass in a lovely basket and they make a fine addition to your centerpiece!Here's how: Using a large sewing needle poke a hole at each end of a raw egg, place the egg over a bowl and lightly blow at one end pushing the egg through the other side (save for scrambled eggs or another recipe!) rinse with water, dry and decorate!

spruce up your home for spring

Spring is here and as summer surely approaches the markets are filling up on lots of colorful produce. Grab a bag of citrus fruits for your dinning table or a bowl of colorful spring green apples. There's nothing more special than small touches of organic elements around your home to welcome you and your guests. Go a step further and pick some fragrant lilac from your garden (if your lucky enough to have one) or take advantage of the deals at your local farmers markets and grocers on fresh spring blooms. The sweet smell of fresh flowers in your home will lift your spirits. Spring has sprung so let's enjoy all mother-nature has to offer!

Homemade Confetti

In need of last minute party decor and no time to run to the store? Find some colored construction paper, greeting cards, wrapping paper or any scrap paper products you've got laying around. Next grab a hole punch (the three hold kind works best) and punch away!!! In no time you'll have lots of pretty colored dots to pepper your buffet table or fill your favor boxes! This fun, inexpensive and easy alternative will add a the finishing touch to your party. Kids love to help with this project too!

Sample Paper Dolls

So, we have some fabulous news! Some custom paper-dolls we created were put in the IndieExhibit gift bags and given to some snazzy people at the Gold Globes gift lounges, well one of the lounges, apparently there are many. Our dream is to one day have our own bags filled with Shy Socialites merchandise to give away...ahh what a lovely dream. We though we would share one of the dolls (there were three) and some of the clothes with you, we even created a cute little armoire especially for our fabulous followers to store their dolls clothes in. Dolls can be custom created just for YOU, they can resemble you, your friends, anyone! Custom paper dolls are a unique was to celebrate and event, and make a fun gifts. Perfect for birthday parties (oh and magical for a Sweet Sixteen or Quinceañera), bridal shower, bridesmaid gifts, boutique events (imagine you spring line in paper-doll form!), and so much more. We can create woman, men, children and yes even pets! You can have clothes, accessories, furniture, many possibilities! Contact us at info@shysocialites to learn more and for a quote and request your free sample doll. We are also available to help create unique invitations, stationery and party items for you...all illustrated and designed by our in-house design team. Fondly, Bobbie Daisy Strafe and

Chef Davenport

Comfort and Joy!

What are two great gifts to give this holiday season?  Why, comfort and joy of course!

In honor of those two fabulous gifts, we have created two gifts for you.  First for comfort these "comfort and joy tags" - use a standard single hole punch and ribbon to tie one to a bottle of wine (comfort and joy, and for great wine gift ideas, ask Bobbie) a container of hot cocoa-mix, or perhaps something warm and comforting like a hand-knit scarf or mittens.  To help create joy, these 1 inch mint-candy circles- punch them out with a one inch punch (need one?  You can get one at a craft store like Micheal's, or you can order one here) you can even cut them out with scissors if you  like.  Scatter these little bit of joy everywhere, hang them from your tree, make a garland, toss them in the air like confetti, we do not mind, do whatever you wish, as long as it brings joy!

Some of you may be looking at these thinking...hey that is the Peppermint and Spearmint collection, and you would be right!  Bobbie an I are working on your fantastic party set as I type (Okay Bobbie is, I am typing).  We still do not have a winning theme set chosen, so if you have not voted yet, please do (click here for a quick trip to the choices), and get a FREE gift for voting!

To get your Comfort and Joy set, our gift to you, write to us at Want to talk to Bobbie or myself personally?  You can write to us at or

Let's make this blog-a-zine fun and interactive, share a post here about something that brings you comfort or joy or both!

Thank You

Holiday Aromatics

Holiday Aromatics

Shy Socialites and World Label

So World Label contacted us and asked if we wanted to partner with them on a project, Strafe misunderstood and thought they said "Party", and you know we Shy Socialites love parties (even if we are quite about it).  So we RSVP'd and found out they wanted to partner with us to make an AMAZING set of holiday labels and favors.  "of course!"  We ADORE World Label and their amazing variety of labels, you can find labels for everything from lollipops to wine bottles, and anything in-between.  We were more than thrilled to work with them to create this set.  Then they said "Hey, let's make it a a gift!  Let's give everyone out there a chance to enjoy a little something from World Label and the Shy Socialites." We all thought that was a smashing idea! 

So here they are a gift from World Label to you, that is right these are FREE downloads.  Be sure to leave a comment thanking World Label, because saying "thank you" is the swell thing to do. (and it would not hurt to say you would like to see more from the Shy Socialites), and use these fun labels and favors to make your Christmas gifts snazzy AND swank!