Bookish Princess Paper Doll!


I am so excited to share our newest paper-doll! In fact, I have been writing and rewriting this post hoping to get it just right. I have been trying to piece it all together perfectly so I sound completely articulate and not overly enthusiastic…but that is not me, so that was not working.

I MADE A PAPER-DOLL FOR ONE MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS! I was so nervous asking her if it would be okay. I actually did not open her reply for a bit out of fear she would not be interested. Of course she was happy to see herself as a doll, but that is not the best part! Together we fashioned this doll as a gift for you! You can download the PDF file

Here for the Emma Doll with the Stand

Here for the Emma Doll without the stand.

Oh, I need to tell you about Emma! She is the Bookish Princess (click on her name, see her blog) I actually discovered her while looking for fun Disney videos to watch with my little one, Melvin. I cannot even remember now which video of hers I watched first, when I clicked on her channel I noticed she also discussed books, stationery and fashion. I think at that point I actually texted my mom and told her I found a vlogger who likes all the same things I do, this is important (I will say why a little further down). Click here and you will be magically transported to her YouTube channel.

Click here and you can see a video with one of the dresses she and paper-doll Emma share.


I took a few photos of the doll in play (my son wanted her before I was able to get many photos, so she is a hit with 5 year-olds!). If you love the Emma Doll yet are thinking “I don’t really play with paper dolls” here are some other uses- print them on magnet-paper and make refrigerator magnets, cut the tabs off the dresses and uses them as bookmarks (you could also laminate them), print them out on standard paper and write on the back like stationery, frame them or use them as a a notebook cover.

We printed Emma on lightweight cardstock, and she kind of flops over, so a thicker cardstock would be better for actual play. Melvin loves all of her little accessories so much! He was excited to dress her in the dole-whip dress adding her camera, Mickey ice cream sandwich and sunglasses.

Now, why is it important that I told me mom about Emma? The past couple of years have not been easy for our family. We have been through a lot of loss. Some days it feels like we are walking through mud. My mom was becoming concerned because she saw me losing interest in many things. I closed my personal blog, I was not writing anymore at all, I wasn’t drawing or reading as much…so finding Emma’s YouTube channel helped remind me of all the things I think are fun! It is amazing how you can do something and never know whose life you may touch, and how much you are helping them by just being yourself.

I want to say Thank You to Emma for being a fun and cheerful ray of sunshine in the world, my husband thanks you, my mom thanks you, my sister Barbara (who owns this shop with me) thanks you, and my 5-year old son who will now have more paper toys to play with thanks you, too!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit this blog and read this post. Leave a comment and let me know what kind of paper toys or dolls you would like to see next! I am thinking a paper-doll of Emma (and her brother, too perhaps) in their Halloween costumes! Do yourself a favor and look for the costume videos on Emma’s channel!



We are a BUZZ here at Shy Socialites about Monogram Notecards!

We love bees, don’t you? They pollinate our flowers to help our gardens grow, make sweet honey and create the amazing honeycomb pattern we adore.

In celebrations of bees, we have created this hand-painted bee note-card, and it is our gift to you! Each page has four 4.25 by 5.5 inch cards which you can add a monogram too using Adobe Reader. It is a block-style monogram so you can add a word if you prefer, the font will self-adjust to fit. The reverse side is a watercolor golden yellow honeycomb pattern.

Get Your Monogram Bee Note Cards HERE

If you really love bees, and we know you do, why not plant a few bee loving-flowers that are native to your area? What grows well is different in each location, the bees here in California’s central valley LOVE my lavender garden! Marigolds and California Poppies are other beautiful choices. Be sure to find out what grows well in your area before planting!

These little notes would be wonderful for an informal Spring or Summer tea party, where you can serve scones and honey along with honey infused chamomile tea.

We hope you enjoy these note cards, please feel free to share them, you can even download and add a monogram to a set to give as a give (Mother’s Day perhaps?) put them in a pretty little box or tie them with a ribbon!

We so would love to hear from you! Would you please leave a comment on this blog post? Not sure what to talk about? Tell us about your garden, what you love about bees (and other pollinators). What are your plans for these note cards? What theme or idea would you like to see next in our shop or on our blog? Would you like us to share recipes? Craft ideas? Let us know, we love to listen.

If you are planning a bee themed party, take a look at these BEE ITEMS in our Etsy shop.

Ladybugs more your taste, you can find LADYBUG ITEMS here.

Thank you so much, we look forward to hearing from you


Patricia (also, Barbara) the Shy Socialites

DIY Fall Wreath for just $10 or less

Make this high impact wreath for just $10 or less.

This is a fun and super quick project that requires absolutely no skills, no gluing, and best of all uses easy to find materials and accessories that you probably already have on hand which would make this craft completely free!!! I purchased all of the supplies I needed at my local Dollar Store. The only items I already had were the pool noodle and duct tape that I used to make the form. Here is a list of supplies I used and how I made mine but keep in mind you can get as creative as you'd like accessorizing your wreath using various ribbons, foliage, candies, faux fruit, bark, branches, corn, etc etc etc. The possibilities are endless and now that I have made this one so easily I may have to make one for every occasion! Okay so here goes:


  • Pool Noodle
  • Duct Tape
  • 3 rolls Burlap Ribbon (9 yards each)
  • 1 Roll orange burlap ribbon for bunch/bow
  • Faux flowers (I used approx 6 bunches)
  • Glitter Pumpkin (optional)
  • String or Wire (or hot glue) to attach everything to your wreath

STEP 1.) Take your pool noodle and duct tape the ends together. I found this made the perfect large scale wreath for my front door. Feel free to trim the noodle if you want something a bit smaller.

Use a pool noodle & Duct Tape to make a large wreath form

STEP 2.) Wrap the burlap ribbon around the noodle. Secure the end with a pin, tape, glue, or whatever you have handy. I used a straight pin from my sewing kit and that worked quite well. Floral pins or a safety pin would be great for this if you have them or just a dab of glue if your worried about poking yourself.

STEP 3.) Attach your floral elements and accesories using string/raffia/wire. You can use hot glue if you want but I liked using string as to not burn myself ( I am very accident prone) and it felt a lot more secure to me. I even was able to attach the glitter pumpkin at the end using string through a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin. If it did not have a hole I guess I would have had to pull out the hot glue gun to attach it. I chose to only add flowers to about 2/3rds of the round alternating the direction the foliage was placed towards the end. I then used a bow made of orange burlap to cover the gap and hide my strings. 

STEP 4.) Use ribbon or burlap at the top of wreath to attach to your door! Voila. I think this whole thing took me about 15 minutes or less to make (shopping not included)

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it inspired you to create something beautiful. If you make one as well or have suggestions or comments let us know we love to hear from you! It may be a bit early still but....Happy Fall :)

Valentine Penguin to Color

We LOVE our readers, they warm our hearts!  To thank you here is a coloring page.  Happy Valentine's Day! Click here for  the PDF: penguincolor

Cookie Play-Set Printable

This popular set has (up until today) been one you had to write to us to get, well, now it is available here to download :)  Includes cookies to decorate, decorations, a spatula, and a cookie sheet.  A great way to keep little ones entertained while waiting for Christmas!

Get your st here: cookieset

Thank You for Visiting!!

Party Kits- Not Just for Parties

Have you been looking at our adorable printable party kits and thinking, "those are great, but I do not have a party coming up"?  Well, all of that cuteness is not reserved for just parties!  The kits have many elements that could be fun any day!  Coloring pages and paper-toys and dolls are perfect for play-time.  Little boxes and bags make great carries for "just because"" gifts.  Candy wrappers make any day a great day for something sweet, carry a few with you and practice random acts of sweetness!  Banners can add cheerfulness as room decor and draped over a window they can make a gray day more colorful.  Appetizer flags make cute oencil decorations, and thank you notes are good to have on hand because there are always things-to be grateful for.

All of this and since you own a digital copy, you have the whole kit ready when you do have a party!

You can find our party kits on Etsy here:

Pine Cone Snow Owls

This weekend our family decided to go on a little nature hike in the mountains and collect some pine cones to use for crafting. It was a beautiful fall day and the end result was an abundance of big beautiful pine cones that beckoned to be turned into something wonderful. I think these adorable little owls fit the bill. I didn't have a chance to stop by the craft store so we used supplies that we had on hand already. I am sure with feathers, glitter, ribbons or felt you could add your own spin to these delightful creatures. Regardless, this is a fun and easy craft that the kids and myself enjoyed making very much.


Pine Cones Cotton Balls Glue (we used good old Elmers) Brown construction paper Google Eyes


Separate cotton balls into small pieces. I found the smaller the pieces the better the look, and they were easier to work with.

Next add drops of glue into the pine cone and onto the tips of each piece, then add cotton into all the little crevices.

This will take a little bit of time to get it all stuffed with snowy cotton.

Pine Cone Owl
Pine Cone Owl

After stuffing the pine cone to your desired fluffiness, add googley eyes, beak and wings with more glue. Yes, you will use lots of glue in this project! I broke a few bottom pieces from the pine cones to use for the beaks. I used a little sharpie on one of the beaks to make it stand out a little bit more too. You could also use small triangles of felt or construction paper. I used brown construction paper in the shape of teardrops for the wings. I think feathers for this would be so cute. You could even add some color!

I think we may have to make a few more of these cuties for our Woodland Christmas Tree this year.

Happy Crafting!