Meet Cookie...and other news


Hello There! I am so glad you stopped by the blog today.

Where do we start with the news, well here is something ~ our niece was born last month! She is beautiful and healthy and we love her. “Your niece you say? That is wonderful but who ARE you?”. Okay, that is a good question. Some of you know us as Tricia and Barbara, and you know we are sisters, well technically we are sisters-in-law (sister-in-laws?), we married brothers. I married the eldest brother, so obviously if we were a royal family that would mean he is next in line for the throne, not that this matters…this is kind of a joke thrown in to see if any family is reading, it goes way back, such a long, long way back . Along with our husbands, Mike the eldest and Jared who is 4th in line, there are 3 other brothers and 3 sisters, for a total of 8 siblings on that branch of the tree! I am not going to tell you all of their names, as that is really getting off topic, which is that our niece was born! In case you are wondering I do not have a favorite niece, or nephew however if I did it would probably be



Cookie is Barbara’s chi-pit mix rescue. Cookie is just a baby.

I admit it, that paragraph went all over the place, but it did tell you a little more about us. Which is great, but you want to know more about Cookie…I assume, am I right? If so visit Cookie’s instagram page right here (click! click! hurry up and click!!)

You will find a lovely photo documentary of Cookie’s many adventures.

At the top of this post you will see a cartoon drawing of Cookie. Here at the bottom you will see a free offer. Would you like a cute little digital cartoon drawing of your pet? We are going to give away 5 free drawings, here are the conditions (sorry we were not going to have any conditions, but Cookie insisted). 1-follow Cookie on Instagram 2-Follow Shy Socialites on Instagram 3-Comment here 4 - Let us know if it is okay to use your cartoon pet as a sample in our shop when we add the drawings to our “products” later this year.

To make the Insta-liking easy the names are clickable :) We will choose the 5 winners in 2 weeks.

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