Bookish Princess Paper Doll!


I am so excited to share our newest paper-doll! In fact, I have been writing and rewriting this post hoping to get it just right. I have been trying to piece it all together perfectly so I sound completely articulate and not overly enthusiastic…but that is not me, so that was not working.

I MADE A PAPER-DOLL FOR ONE MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS! I was so nervous asking her if it would be okay. I actually did not open her reply for a bit out of fear she would not be interested. Of course she was happy to see herself as a doll, but that is not the best part! Together we fashioned this doll as a gift for you! You can download the PDF file

Here for the Emma Doll with the Stand

Here for the Emma Doll without the stand.

Oh, I need to tell you about Emma! She is the Bookish Princess (click on her name, see her blog) I actually discovered her while looking for fun Disney videos to watch with my little one, Melvin. I cannot even remember now which video of hers I watched first, when I clicked on her channel I noticed she also discussed books, stationery and fashion. I think at that point I actually texted my mom and told her I found a vlogger who likes all the same things I do, this is important (I will say why a little further down). Click here and you will be magically transported to her YouTube channel.

Click here and you can see a video with one of the dresses she and paper-doll Emma share.


I took a few photos of the doll in play (my son wanted her before I was able to get many photos, so she is a hit with 5 year-olds!). If you love the Emma Doll yet are thinking “I don’t really play with paper dolls” here are some other uses- print them on magnet-paper and make refrigerator magnets, cut the tabs off the dresses and uses them as bookmarks (you could also laminate them), print them out on standard paper and write on the back like stationery, frame them or use them as a a notebook cover.

We printed Emma on lightweight cardstock, and she kind of flops over, so a thicker cardstock would be better for actual play. Melvin loves all of her little accessories so much! He was excited to dress her in the dole-whip dress adding her camera, Mickey ice cream sandwich and sunglasses.

Now, why is it important that I told me mom about Emma? The past couple of years have not been easy for our family. We have been through a lot of loss. Some days it feels like we are walking through mud. My mom was becoming concerned because she saw me losing interest in many things. I closed my personal blog, I was not writing anymore at all, I wasn’t drawing or reading as much…so finding Emma’s YouTube channel helped remind me of all the things I think are fun! It is amazing how you can do something and never know whose life you may touch, and how much you are helping them by just being yourself.

I want to say Thank You to Emma for being a fun and cheerful ray of sunshine in the world, my husband thanks you, my mom thanks you, my sister Barbara (who owns this shop with me) thanks you, and my 5-year old son who will now have more paper toys to play with thanks you, too!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit this blog and read this post. Leave a comment and let me know what kind of paper toys or dolls you would like to see next! I am thinking a paper-doll of Emma (and her brother, too perhaps) in their Halloween costumes! Do yourself a favor and look for the costume videos on Emma’s channel!