A Little Happiness

Here we have a sweet little art-print, our gift to you.  Print it out on card-stock or paper, cut to fit an 8 by 10 frame, or tack it up on your pin-board.  A little reminder to hold on to the things that make you happy.

Get your copy here: Hold On Print

Looking for some cheerful invitations and stationery items?  May we recommend these sweet cute invitations.  You can delete the wording in the free program Adobe Reader and use them as stationery for hand-written notes as well:

A charming butterfly invitation, our own illustration done in wax and watercolors.  

Lovely aqua and coral florals accented with faux glitter, it is both elegant and sweet.

Lovely watercolor roses, in sweet shades of pink and color.  One of our current favorites

This playful pup hols tight to his balloon in an invitation that is both preppy and silly!

We will end today's stationery tour with the cute invitation that matches this print.  Our own originally artwork depicting a kitten holding tight to his balloon.  We see him from behind as his front paws gently float into the air with his precious treasure.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our blog.

Kindly- Tricia and Barbara, the Shy Socialites