Paper Mums

Around here Autumn is kind of a big deal.  As it turns out, both of the Shy Socialite sisters celebrate their wedding anniversaries in September (on the 14th and 27th), the little guys is turning 1 year-old on September first, and the NEWEST little one will be arriving some time in October. 

A great way to start Autumn off with a smile is flowers!  Shops seem to be blossoming with orange, yellow and copper colored beauties of all sorts.  An all-time favorite is the colorful and abundant Mum!

In celebration of the Autumn Mum, we have put together this craft-printable. Included are 5 patterned pages in a pumpkin color, 2 patterned pages in green, and a patterns for the flowers and leaf.

Below are some basic instructions and ideas, but be as creative as you like with these!

You will need:

The file downloads : Flower Pattern, Orange Patterned Pages, Green Patterned Pages

a printer and ink, paper, scissors, glue-stick, and a pencil.  Optional: extra pencils, thumbtacks, a single hole punch, ribbon, chenille-stems (pipe cleaners).

1.Print out the flower patterns and as many pattern pages as you would like to use.  We use 2 of each flower shape (a total of 8 flower-shapes) per flower.

2. Cut out the flower patterns trace them on the patterned pages and cut those out (or alternatively, print the flower patterns directly on the the patterned page to eliminate the tracing step, and cut them out this way, remember you will need 2 pages per flower).

3. Take two flower shaped of the same size and glue them together back to back at the center of the flower.  Once all 8 pieces are glued together you should have 4 pieces (flowers).

4. Curl the petals with a pencil, in any direction you like.

5, layer those 4 flower pieces together.  Smallest on top, medium in the middle, with the 2 larger flower-shapes on the bottom, whichever you prefer first.  Glue those layers together.

6.Glue a leaf on the bottom if desired.

Ideas for use:  We tacked the mum on the eraser end of pencils for a fun bouquet.  You can use a single-hole-punch to punch a hole in one petal of each flower and create a bunting/banner.  You can use one or two as the "bow" on the top of a gift.  You can create bendable stems with chenille-stems.  Use any paper you like to create the flowers, tan craft-paper looks adorable.  Glitter always makes any paper-craft exceptional.

We hope you enjoy this simple craft.  Want more craft ideas and printables from the Shy Socialites?  Leave a comment on this post.

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