DIY Fall Wreath for just $10 or less

Make this high impact wreath for just $10 or less.

This is a fun and super quick project that requires absolutely no skills, no gluing, and best of all uses easy to find materials and accessories that you probably already have on hand which would make this craft completely free!!! I purchased all of the supplies I needed at my local Dollar Store. The only items I already had were the pool noodle and duct tape that I used to make the form. Here is a list of supplies I used and how I made mine but keep in mind you can get as creative as you'd like accessorizing your wreath using various ribbons, foliage, candies, faux fruit, bark, branches, corn, etc etc etc. The possibilities are endless and now that I have made this one so easily I may have to make one for every occasion! Okay so here goes:


  • Pool Noodle
  • Duct Tape
  • 3 rolls Burlap Ribbon (9 yards each)
  • 1 Roll orange burlap ribbon for bunch/bow
  • Faux flowers (I used approx 6 bunches)
  • Glitter Pumpkin (optional)
  • String or Wire (or hot glue) to attach everything to your wreath

STEP 1.) Take your pool noodle and duct tape the ends together. I found this made the perfect large scale wreath for my front door. Feel free to trim the noodle if you want something a bit smaller.

Use a pool noodle & Duct Tape to make a large wreath form

STEP 2.) Wrap the burlap ribbon around the noodle. Secure the end with a pin, tape, glue, or whatever you have handy. I used a straight pin from my sewing kit and that worked quite well. Floral pins or a safety pin would be great for this if you have them or just a dab of glue if your worried about poking yourself.

STEP 3.) Attach your floral elements and accesories using string/raffia/wire. You can use hot glue if you want but I liked using string as to not burn myself ( I am very accident prone) and it felt a lot more secure to me. I even was able to attach the glitter pumpkin at the end using string through a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin. If it did not have a hole I guess I would have had to pull out the hot glue gun to attach it. I chose to only add flowers to about 2/3rds of the round alternating the direction the foliage was placed towards the end. I then used a bow made of orange burlap to cover the gap and hide my strings. 

STEP 4.) Use ribbon or burlap at the top of wreath to attach to your door! Voila. I think this whole thing took me about 15 minutes or less to make (shopping not included)

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it inspired you to create something beautiful. If you make one as well or have suggestions or comments let us know we love to hear from you! It may be a bit early still but....Happy Fall :)

Happy Mermaid Monday!

Summer is here, the perfect time for a mermaid themed party!  Whether celebrating your special occasion at the pool, the beach, indoors or out, we have some of the splashiest mermaid invitations available.  From beautiful faux glitter mermaid tail invitations, to cartoon mermaid drawings, we have something that will be a perfect fit for your mermaid princess!  See something you like but need modifications? We can do that!  And like all of the designs in our store, our Mermaid invitation designs can be turned into party kits, we can make banners, candy-bar wrappers, gift tags, coloring pages and so much more!

Speaking of coloring pages here is a printable ready for paints, crayon, pencils and glitter! A mermaid color-cut-and-play jewelry set.  Your little merfolk will have fun making this crown, necklace and bracelet in their own one-of-a-kind style. A free gift for you :)

Click here for your Mermaid Jewelry Set

We are ready to help you put your mermaid party together, and make your celebration go swimmingly!

Have another theme in mind for your party?  Contact us, we can create something just for you!


Tricia and Barbara, the Shy Socialites

A few of our favorite Mermaid Invitations



A Little Happiness

Here we have a sweet little art-print, our gift to you.  Print it out on card-stock or paper, cut to fit an 8 by 10 frame, or tack it up on your pin-board.  A little reminder to hold on to the things that make you happy.

Get your copy here: Hold On Print

Looking for some cheerful invitations and stationery items?  May we recommend these sweet cute invitations.  You can delete the wording in the free program Adobe Reader and use them as stationery for hand-written notes as well:

A charming butterfly invitation, our own illustration done in wax and watercolors.  

Lovely aqua and coral florals accented with faux glitter, it is both elegant and sweet.

Lovely watercolor roses, in sweet shades of pink and color.  One of our current favorites

This playful pup hols tight to his balloon in an invitation that is both preppy and silly!

We will end today's stationery tour with the cute invitation that matches this print.  Our own originally artwork depicting a kitten holding tight to his balloon.  We see him from behind as his front paws gently float into the air with his precious treasure.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our blog.

Kindly- Tricia and Barbara, the Shy Socialites

Get Your Hive in Order


Ready to "Bee" scheduled?  You can keep your hive in order with the fun printable bee-hive themed weekly planner.  Each color bee can be a family member, or a category (like work, school, so forth).  The hive comes with a Key so you can keep track.

Download your hive here.

Party in your plans?  We have just the invitation or party printable you need in our shop!  Don't see it?  We do custom work based on your themes and ideas.

Here are some of our current favorite invitations

The adorable Sweetheart invitation is inspired by our favorite candy!  Sweet for a baby shower but can be modified for a birthday party, valentine's day party, bridal shower or tea party!

This key invitation would be perfect for a hosuewarming, valentine party or to celebrate finding the key to your heart!

This key invitation would be perfect for a hosuewarming, valentine party or to celebrate finding the key to your heart!

Elf Coloring Cards

Here we have for you a set of cute little elf color cards, each one is a quarter of a page (about 4.25 by 5.5) and all 4 print on one page.  Use them a notes, to/from tags, party favors.  Print out a bunch to entertain the little ones (and bigger ones) as they wait for Santa's arrival.

A small gift from us to you, just to let you know how much we appreciate you.  We recommend printing them on card-stock if you are using them as cards, paper works just fine for coloring pages.  

Get your  elf cards here.


Tricia and Barbara, the Shy Socialites

Printable Play Sets (post to be deleated 1/17/2016)

We have been getting a lot of requests lately for our older food play-sets (from 2008/2009). Those were part of an older blog the closed in 2013, however we decided to post them here to give those looking a chance to download them for the holidays.  

Please be sure to download and save these, as they are slated to be taken down January 2016.

All we ask in return is that you take a look through our blog and shop.


Tricia and Barbara, the Shy Socialites

Pizza Dinner Set Here

Breakfast Set Here

BBQ Set Here

Pirate Fun

Planning a Pirate Party or Play-Date?  Looking for a fun Pirate activity?  Enjoy this free coloring page from the Shy Socialites.  A jaunty pirate-ship with your host "Pirate Parrot"!

Get Your Coloring Page Here : Cute Pirate-Ship Coloring Page

Looking for fun invitations for your Pirate Gathering?  Here are some of our favorites, and remember we can make party kits to coordinate with any invitation in our shop!

Do You Feel Lucky?

We certainly hope so!  We also hope you want to show that luck off with these 5 by 7 printable art prints, they also make fun cards.  Done in our current love, faux glitter and watercolors.  Who wouldn't love a green glitter kiss!  Get your free set here

Lucky Art Prints 

2015 March Calendar Page Freebie

A free printable calendar page for our valued customers, readers and friends! Frame it, pin it up on your bulletin board, stick it on your fridge, or put it in a three ring binder. However you choose to use it we hope you enjoy! Click here for your free printable 2015 March calendar page

Sparkle and Shine, Dear Valentine!

Love is in the air, and in the mail, and on your walls if you print out and hang these fun valentine art-prints ;).  Our gift to you, a little way to show how much we love it when you visit our site, read our blog, share our work, purchase our items and leave comments (that might be a hint right there).


Created with a pink water-color ombre stripe and gold confetti glitter, these sweet 5 by 7 art prints will look (say it with me) LOVE-ly on your wall or door.  A great way to greet your visitors.  The small size also means you can mail them to someone you love.

Get your set here: Shy Socialites Valentine Prints

Loving the glitter look? Our shop has some invitations that will help you spread the love:

Thank you for visiting our blog.  Leave a comment, we would LOVE it!  Visit often, let us know what you would like to see.


The Shy Socialites

Tricia and Barbara